Why learn with me

You will get the most out of your playing if you enjoy your lessons. You’re more likely to enjoy your lessons if they suit YOUR needs. Some students want to learn how to play and sing at the same time, others want to learn finger picking styles or Blues guitar. Others are complete beginners and need the fundamentals. I plan lessons around what YOU want to learn. You tell me what your goals are and I plan accordingly. I have 15 years teaching experience and have taught all manner of students.

Everyone welcome!

Complete beginners

Adults and children

People who are re-starting after some time off

Intermediate or advanced students who want help with a specific aspect of playing


1 – 1 lessons via Zoom

Personalised to suit your needs and goals

Specific songs you want to learn

Re-cap videos made for you after each lesson so you know what to practice and have clear demonstrations of everything covered in the lessons


Fundamentals for beginners

How to sing and play


Folk & Blues

Slide Guitar

Open tunings

How it works


includes the following:

– 1 to 1 Zoom lessons (weekly, 30 minutes)

– I’ll make you a personal recap video for each lesson. It will have clear demonstrations of everything covered in lesson so you can easily remind yourself what we worked on

– Personalised lesson plans based on your goals and ambitions

– Any TABs, notation or resources we used in lesson emailed to you

– You are also welcome to email me at any point during the week with questions or things you need clarification on and I’ll get back to you within a day

Free digital course for beginners 


If one to one lessons aren’t for you, but you still want to get started on Guitar you can try my free course for beginners.

‘Couch to 5 Tunes!’ is a program that gives you small bite size lessons, exercises and games to do each day for a month with the aim of getting you playing your first few tunes and understanding the basics of Guitar.