My Music

‘Kicked Out Of Class’

‘Kicked Out Of Class’ is a 4 track EP that was written and recorded in 2018. It features several musicians from London and Edinburgh. Most of it was recorded live in my living room with finishing touches added later as the songs took shape.

‘Phone Recordings’

‘Phone Recordings’ is a collection of instrumentals that came about between 2012 and 2015 when I often used to go busking around Hackney and other parts of East London. The tunes developed naturally over time as I played around with ideas and they came together as a sketch book of people and places. They are often inspired by te likes of Jack Rose, John Fahey and Marisa Anderson.

All the tracks were recorded on my phone, originally intended as demos to listen back to for practice purposes. But when I moved to Edinburgh in in the summer of 2015 I started listening back to them and decided to put them on-line as they were: rough and ready without overdubs or edits. What got me started playing slide guitar and using alternate-tunings was getting the album ‘Dr. Ragtime and his pals’ by Jack Rose as a Christmas present from my brother. Fittingly, Rory did the art work for me when I finally got round to releasing it.


Iain MacLeod Music – live on Radio Saltire

This is an original of mine that was heavily inspired by Jack Rose. I used to play around with this tuning and this scale whilst busking and eventually settled on this melody and riff. This was filmed for Tom Fairnley’s radio show on Saltire FM.

Iain MacLeod Music – Waiting for the Big D (official video)

This is an original that I wrote for my Dad when he was in hospital. The video was made by my niece Molly and I think it fits the mood of the song brilliantly.

Ain’t Nobody’s Baby Like Mine’ (official video)





This is an original song of mine I wrote to cheer my wife up after she’d had a rotten day at work. Huge thanks to all the kind people who helped me put together the video and gave their time and energy and also to all the musicians who play on the track.